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Partnership Program

Currently working with local teams who play within the Hull District Youth Football League, offering advice on training, player nutrition and coach mentor-ship.

We've been providing free girls only sessions in schools in East Yorkshire. We're trying to do our part at encouraging more girls to take part in boy dominated sports. It has been a resounding success. The girls have enjoyed it thoroughly, even got upset when their year group sessions had finished. This term, we had no less than 21 girls from 2 years apply to be on the program!

Parents Comments

"Before my son came to your sessions, he would just wander around the pitch waiting for the ball to come to him. What have you done with him? He's a different kid! If his team loses the ball, he comes back to help. Then he's gone again! "
"I knew my son had good technical ability. He's very small for his age, often plays against kids much bigger than he is. Thanks to you, he's found new confidence and isn't scared to try anything new."

"I didn't think my daughter was interested in football until your after school club. It's all she ever talks about not. She's now since joined a girls only team and loves it."
"I didn't think my son was progressing in his current team. We tried your sessions and saw what 'good coaching' was meant to look like. He's enjoyed his time, and wants to now buy the Touch Plus kit! We've since taken him to another team were he is now thriving."