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Football Homework ? Do you do give it ?

Coaches work 651 hours a year!
January 17, 2019

Football homework. Are you sure?!

Youths are interesting. They are individuals. None are the same. So why teach them in the same ways?

If you want to get the best from your kids, you need to adapt. You need to understand them and how they learn.
Some kids thrive with hands-on learning. Others want something visual - a whiteboard as such.
Then they are those who seem like they are listening - but forgot only several short minutes later. They may take information in by writing it down and relaying it back.

Coaching the same style to every child in your team won't benefit everyone. Some will most certainly miss out.
We give our kids homework every so often. This not only helps refresh them, it helps those who learn better by being more academic, it also helps them and their parents to track their own development progress.

One of the questions asked this time was: "Write a sentence about what YOU can change yourself to help the team better".
Of the 10 children who did their homework. I would agree with 9 of them on their chosen improvement comments in this area. It's ok telling the kids what they need to improve or work on, but when the kids tell you, the coach. You know you're all on the same page and they take care, understand and want to learn.

This makes the coaches job much easier. See, next time we do this and we ask a slightly differently worded question along the same lines. Hopefully - we'll get a different answer. With another question of "So, what do you think you have improved on over the last few months".

Parents often don't see what coaches see. This way, they can be involved and track progress themselves.

You might be the coach/manager of a team. But, it's not just your team, is it? Not really. It's the kids, the parents, the volunteers, and yours. You're there to hold it all together. Working as one unit will reap bigger rewards. Get everyone involved. They'll be more enthusiastic about it. I promise!

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