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Coaches work 651 hours a year!

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January 1, 2019

Single person, or, very understanding partner required

Coaching a grassroots team can be demanding. A lot of people think it’s just turn up, train, then play matches. There’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes to making your child's football team run.

Football provides a wealth of skills that will hopefully have an impact on your child's outlook on life. Not only do coaches give them footballing knowledge. They are also teaching them teamwork, sportsmanship, ambition, social skills, drive, determination and a long list of other life skills including giving them confidence. This has a snowball effect. We’ve seen kids thrive at school once they’ve joined a team, any sporting team in fact.

To do this, coaches spend a lot of their time making this happen. You may have heard some say it’s like a job. It is. It’s almost the equivalent of part-time employment. It might sound far fetched, but its true. It’s a discussion that comes up quite often. Some coaches feel under appreciated. Some feel they get too much stick for all of their work they put in. “Why do I bother” is a question that is often asked. Why? Simply put, they love it. They love seeing children progress. They love the fact, that they may potentially have a positive impact on your child's life.

Is it fair or balanced for the amount of grief some of them get? No, not at all. Not when you look at the number of hours coaches put into running a team. A part-time job, but working for free. Not forgetting, that most coaches have their own children. They have their own family and own jobs. But somehow, they find the extra hours to run a team.

Below you will find a table of various tasks that a coach does. Sure, not everyone will do everything on the list, but you might be surprised at how many do.


Time Spent Weekly

Training Sessions

2 x 1 hour sessions

Setting Up/Pack Away

1 hour

Session Plans

2 hours

Session Evaluation

1 hour

Team Admin

1 hour

Taxing Kids

2 hours

Pitch Maintenance

30 minutes - 1 hour

Line Marking (if still visible)

30 minutes

Match Days:

Arrive early check pitch / set up.

1 hour

Match + Put away

1 hour 45 mins

Post Match Admin

1 hour


14 hours



Minus 77 hours for 22 weeks for matches = 651 hours / 24 (hours a day) = 27 days a year.
This is equivalent to 2 months of 12 hour days.

Spare a thought for your teams coach. They are committed to your child and the team. They've shown this by stepping up to run your child's team. Give them a hand, pick up the cones, bring the water bottles, offer to wash the bibs.

Coaches are our unsung heroes. They ask for nothing in return.

Next time you see your coach, give them a high-5, and say thanks!


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